CETACEAN HALLUCINATION (or, What Did the Whale Dream?)

CETACEAN HALLUCINATION is an electronic experiment in five and a half parts.  It was created during the initial stages of writing and demoing the JJ vs the Digital Whale album, then shelved, then finished after the album was released.  I was influenced by David Bowie (who said nine minute singles were ok), Bernie Worrell (especially in the clavinet department), The Orb (improvising within electronica), Aphex Twin (forgoing traditional structure and tambre), and St Vincent (staying true to an artistic vision).  The final push of inspiration to finish the piece came during Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC.  

Some of the technology used in the recording includes: an HTC One cell phone (apps including Etherial Dialpad, PocketBand and Electrum Drum machine), a Nord Electro 2, a Nebulophone by Bleep Labs (thank you Aaron G Parker!), ProTools 8LE and Adobe Audition.  

The piece is both a continuation and a departure from the JJ vs the Digital Whale song cycle.  It discards the moral component of the story and replaces it with the imagined psychedelic viewpoint of the whale.  The five and a half movements roughly correspond to events described in the first book of Jonah.

I. Joppa
2. Floatin'
III. Neptune
4. Rochambeau
4a. Sinkin'
V. Tarshish

This piece is not for everyone!  The video uses intense strobes, psychedelic patterns and other effects which may cause nausea, headaches and/or the rethinking of life choices.

Thanks for listening!